podnosi ceny. Wzrost nawet o 50 proc. increases prices. Increase by up to 50%. streaming service, which belongs to Warner Bros. Discovery, decided to increase the prices of individual packages. Users will pay more, up to 50 percent.

According to January data from JustWatch, is the 6th most popular streaming service in Poland. Platform owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, in terms of traffic generated, is just behind the big five, i.e. Netflix, Max, Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+. Therefore, many people will not be happy with the price increase that is currently being introduced. increases package prices

The platform has decided to increase the prices of all its packages. Interestingly, the increase is not a percentage. Instead, we will pay exactly PLN 5 more for each package. In the case of the cheapest one with advertising, this means an increase of as much as 50%. In turn, the most expensive version with Eurosport Extra TV channels is an increase of just over 11%.

The new package prices are as follows:

  • Package with advertising: PLN 15 (previously PLN 10)
  • Ad-free package: PLN 25 (previously PLN 20)
  • Package with advertising and Eurosport Extra: PLN 25 (previously PLN 20)
  • Package without ads and with Eurosport Extra: PLN 35 (previously PLN 30)
  • Package with advertisements and TV channels: PLN 35 (previously PLN 30)
  • Package without ads and with TV channels: PLN 45 (previously PLN 40)
  • Package without ads and with TV channels and Eurosport Extra: PLN 50 (previously PLN 45)

Importantly, only the prices of monthly packages have increased. If you buy them immediately for 6 months, the old prices remain, so at this point it is an even more attractive alternative.

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