Player dostaje 15 nowych kanałów TV. Bez opłat

Player gets 15 new TV channels. Without payments

TVN Warner Bros. Discovery announced streaming. As part of it, 15 new TV channels are available on Player free of charge, for everyone.

On January 18, 2024, it debuted 15 new generation channelsbased on the best TVN programs and series, available online via Player platform. On the same day, Player will also expand by a new zone with a library of content available for free. Each of the 15 “FAST” channels offers access to the most popular programs from the TVN library “here and now”, that is, on every device connected to the network.

FAST service (Free Ad Supported Television) debuted on the global streaming market in recent years. This name covers new generation broadcast channels over the Internet, with a schedule consisting of popular content. This service has already revolutionized the entertainment industry in the US. New generation online channels have proven to be an ideal solution for viewers looking for their favorite programs or series at any time and in an unlimited way. Now there is such a place in Player, and viewers’ favorite content TVN Warner Bros. Discoveryknown primarily from TVN and other open channels of the broadcaster (TTV, TVN7, Metro), will also be delivered via new generation channels.

15 new TVN channels that debuted in Player will be a permanent offer of the service. These include the items listed below.

Player 15 new channels list


The channel is absolutely mandatory for series fans. And not just any ones, but the best of the best. TVN Cult Series are comedy and drama titles that have remained in the memory of TVN viewers and the history of Polish television. The moments spent with the channel are a sentimental journey to unforgettable moments spent in front of the silver screen. Thanks to TVN Kultowe Seriale, we will be accompanied throughout the day by the characters of such TV hits as: “Kasia i Tomek”, “BrzydUla”, “Camera Cafe” and “39 and a Half”.


An ideal proposition for fans of fictional stories about Cinderella and everyday life. The series that make up the channel’s schedule are titles that are very well known to TVN viewers. We will visit “Na Wspólnej” and remember the beginnings of the history of the Zięb family and their friends. Additionally, we will learn the answers to the questions: What solution to love did the “Single Woman” find in 365 days? Is it possible to fall head over heels in love? TVN Telenovelas are a powerful dose of customs and romanticism. Perfect for singles and others.


A channel where women deal the cards. The main characters of these series won the hearts of TVN viewers with their strength and empathy, who followed their professional adventures and the most exciting – romantic ones at every step. TVN Series o Women guarantees repeated meetings with Magda Miłowicz (“Magda M”), Agata Przybysz (“Agata’s Law”), Anka Zawadzka (“Recipe for Life”) and the heroines of the series “Hidden Truth”.


A channel for those who look for respite with real-life stories. The core of the programming offer consists of the most popular para-documentary titles branded by TVN WBD. Among them, viewers will find such series and programs as: “Hidden Truth”, “Ten Moment”, “Written in the Stars” and all editions of the TV experiment beloved by Poles – “Marriage at First Sight”. Because the best stories are written by life itself.


A channel for fans of real-life stories with the letter of the law in the background. Player users will find here the most popular para-documentary titles, including: “Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska”, “Anna Maria Wesołowska”, “Family Court”, as well as selected episodes of such series and programs as: “Hidden Truth” or “Conversations in Progress” . All set in real life and judicial themes. Is living on the edge of the law worth it? Can good intentions be an excuse? These stories will provide answers to such questions.


A channel for a young viewer who, after a day of studying, will be able to look again at the school corridors and at his “friends”. But this time from the position of an observer. But not only! The TVN School of Life channel also offers items for parents who want to be closer to the problems faced by today’s young generation. Selected para-documentary series – “School”, “19+” and some episodes of “Hidden Truth” – will certainly provide not only entertainment, but also answers to troubling questions and take you to the world of teenagers.


The channel is perfect for all fans of para-documentary series combining social stories straight from life with interesting medical cases. Emergency room, ICU, operating room, ambulance – this is where the fight for the health and lives of others takes place every day. Unfortunately, even the best do not always manage to emerge victorious. But they do not give up, because it is a road that never ends. The heroes of “Hospital” and “SOS Team in Action” know this very well. They will accompany viewers on the TVN Szpitalne Historie channel every day.


An ideal place for all fans of “guilty-pleasure” entertainment, through which they can look into the everyday life of those who have fulfilled their dream of wealth, luxury and a life without worries. But is their life more about glamor or maybe glitz? Does a perfect world really exist? The heroes of reality programs “Hollywood Wives”, “Ladies and Peasants”, “Gentlemen and Peasants” and “Queens of Life” will certainly answer this question to the viewers.


A channel for those who are looking for entertainment at its best. They are interested in changing trends, the world of stars and, above all, other people. They just like to listen to interesting conversations. All this will be taken care of by the TVN Talk Show channel and the programs that make up its schedule – “Rozmowy w toku”, “City of Women”, “Szymon Majewski Show” and “Kuba Wojewódzki”. Each of these titles has become a permanent part of television history and is one of those to which viewers still eagerly return despite the passing years.


Twenty-four hours with “Usterka”. This is a reality program – a must-have that reveals the work of local handymen, renovation and housework specialists. Is a higher price synonymous with a better service? What tricks do incompetent people use to cover their lack of experience? Why is more expensive not always better? “The Fault” leaves no questions unanswered. And all this with a pinch of salt and a lot of humor.


A channel that will take Player users in the rays of sunlight and exotic natural circumstances into the middle of a love fight for survival. They say that in love all things are fair. The participants of such programs as “Hotel Paradise”, “40 versus 20” and “Pałacowe Love” know this. TVN Rajska Miłość is a day spent in the company of bikini reality participants who fight for happiness. For some it is a real feeling, for others it is wealth. Can one go hand in hand with the other?


The channel will take Player users to… home. And it won’t be a waste of time! The channel’s schedule will include entertainment and guide titles that will help viewers, among others: decorate their apartment, find a new recipe for dinner, inspire them to change the appearance of their garden or inspire them to go on a trip. The hosts of “Cooked”, “Mai in the Garden”, “Unobvious Places”, “Total Renovations of Szelągowska”, “Pimped Apartment” and “Rescue Mission” are already rushing to the rescue of all those looking for a change.


A channel for fans of crime mysteries who enjoy following the trail of the crime and the murderer. In the schedule, users will find beloved crime series of all genres – from para-documentaries, through lighter ones with a comedy tinge, to dense stories that will keep you in suspense from the first to the last episode. TVN Kryminalnie are daily meetings with “Detectives”, the crew of “Kryminalny”, “Hercules” and Sasza Załuska (“Żywioły Sasza – Fire”).


A channel prepared especially for fans of the queen of gastronomy – Magda Gessler and her colleagues. The core of the channel’s schedule will be the best episodes from all seasons of “Kitchen Revolutions”. In addition to them, Player users will also find programs such as: “Cooked”, “10 special tasks of Michel Morana”, “Pascal: just cook!” or “Flavor Collection”. Everyone will make sure that cooking is not only another exciting adventure, but also great entertainment.


A channel for true motoring enthusiasts. The schedule consists of the best automotive content from the extensive TVN Warner Bros. library. Discovery. These will include programs such as: “Moto-on”, “Emil. Radar Hunter”, “Un-Polish Driving”, “Motorcycling”, “Operation Tuning”, “Project Workshop” and “Accident-Accident”. Every car fan will find something for themselves here – from testing new cars to advice on how to repair a fault or reduce the risk of a collision. Buckle up. The ride starts today.

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