Play kusi filmami. Jest nowe okno otwarte

Play tempts you with movies. There is a new window open

Today is the first day of calendar spring. On this occasion, Play opened a window in its television offer, decoding the channel with films, series and science fiction, fantasy and horror programs.

Astronomical spring started on March 20, but according to the calendar, today (March 21, 2024) is the first day of this season awaited by everyone (well, maybe almost everyone). For this occasion, the network operator Play has prepared a surprise for lovers science fiction (science fiction). As part of the spring open window, which will last until until April 18, 2024canal SCIFI has been decoded for subscribers of TV offers Start with the decoder, Optimal package on New Generation Television and PLAY NOW TV BOX Basic package.

On the decoded channel you can watch, among others, a new series,

Orphan Black: Echoes

Moral dilemmas regarding the creation of human life against the forces of nature are a motif that has regularly appeared in science fiction stories since the times of “Frankenstein”. This biopunk series continues this fascinating tradition. In the middle of the 21st century, when an unexpected turn of events reveals how closely her life is mysteriously connected with the lives of other people, a young woman named Lucy (Krysten Ritter) decides to unravel the mystery of her origins. However, she quickly discovers that her search leads to physically – and psychologically – dangerous areas; to a world where science, love and betrayal come into brutal conflict.

Play Orpah Black

Further episodes of the Orphan Black: Echoes series are available to watch on Wednesdays at 10 p.m on the SCI FI channel. After the open window ends, promotional access to the channel will remain turned off automaticallyso we don’t have to worry that we will suddenly have to pay for it.

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