PKP Intercity is implementing a CRM system

PKP Intercity is implementing a CRM system

PKP Intercity announces the launch of a purchasing procedure for a CRM system using AI-based functionalities. The implementation of the new tool will increase the efficiency of processes in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service, which will contribute to improving the standard of passenger service.

PKP Intercity is aware that many of their systems require changes to ensure a comfortable journey for customers from the moment of purchasing a ticket to getting off at the stop. New CRM class system will allow PKP Intercity to collect information on the history of purchases and interactions with customers in one place. Thanks to this, offers and support will be better tailored to the individual needs of each passenger.

PKP Intercity is implementing a CRM system

It will be an important step CRM integration with customer communication channels, so travelers will experience a more consistent and comprehensive service. New interaction channels, such as chat or chatbot, will enable passengers to contact the carrier quickly and effectively. Passengers will receive information about current promotions and travel destinations, tailored to their individual preferences. The above-mentioned solution will also help increase the role of automation in sales, marketing and traveler service processes.

We want each journey with PKP Intercity to be not only safe and comfortable, but also tailored to the individual needs of our passengers. The implementation of the CRM system is a step towards even more personalized service and a better understanding of our customers’ expectations. This is an investment in the satisfaction and comfort of travelers, who will be able to take advantage of offers tailored to their needs and communicate with us more easily using various channels. It is also our contribution to the development of digital technologies in the railway sector

– says Tomasz Gontarz, vice-president of the management board of PKP Intercity.

This system will provide significant support in creating individual forecasts and reports, enabling effective analytical work. Recognizing the potential of new technologies in creating traveler experiences, CRM will also include AI-based functionalities. Ultimately, the implementation of the CRM system by PKP Intercity is another step towards improving the quality of services for passengers

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