PKO BP wysyła klientom ważne przesyłki. Lepiej nie przegap

PKO BP will send a postman to you. You better not miss it

PKO BP Bank is currently implementing a large logistics operation. For several months, customers have been receiving a special shipment, but it is important to receive the second one too.

The largest Polish bank and an unusual shipment

For several months, PKO BP has been gradually replacing debit cards among its customers. The vast majority of Mastercard cards are subject to the process — they are replaced by new cards, this time with the Visa logo. It is worth reassuring at this point that the current card remains valid and active until the end of the date stamped on the card. So we don’t have to activate the new Visa immediately, but the problem is that not everyone will be able to do it without an additional shipment.

How to activate a new PKO BP card?

Although most of us already use electronic banking, PKO BP also has traditionalists among its clients. Although the card can be activated via electronic banking, at an ATM or when paying in a store with a PIN, some customers has another activation method still active on your account.

Paper PIN

As it turns out, a small number of PKO BP customers still have the “paper PIN” method of activating their debit card selected.. If the existing payment card was activated in this way, the new one can also be activated only in this way. We won’t activate it by making a regular payment in a store or at an ATM because the PIN code is different. However, online activation is still available.

However, when we insist that electronic banking is not for us, All we have to do is wait for the second PKO BP shipment. In the second letter, which for objective reasons cannot be included in the package with the card, we will find a properly secured PIN code for the new card.

PIN code not received? Don’t panic – you can have it re-sent by post. Importantly, however, no a bank employee will not give you this code on the hotline or at a PKO BP branch on the ear. The card can be activated until the end of its validity period printed on the card, but if the paper PIN did not arrive by post and you are unable to manage your account online, it may be worth intervening in advance.

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