PKO BP: zaktualizuj aplikację, chodzi o twoje bezpieczeństwo

PKO BP: update the application, it’s about your safety

PKO Bank Polski has introduced a new function to its IKO mobile application. Now it will use the built-in gyroscope to hide your account balance from others.

PKO Bank Polski has released a new version of the IKO application, which can be found in stores App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) i AppGallery (Huawei). What’s new here is the feature that allows hide account balance after logging in to your account. It is used for this gyroscope, which constitutes the equipment of a large part of smartphones available on the market. Thanks to the new solution, you can easily protect your privacy by not disclosing information about the funds in your bank account to anyone nearby.

One move to hide everything

The new function in IKO must first be launched. To do this, log in to your account in the application, go to settings (top left corner) and then to the tab Security and access and Hiding balances. There, PKO BP customers will find two options – one makes the account balance always blurred after logging in to their account (we will see this information after touching the tile with the name and account number), the other causes Hiding your account balance when you tilt your smartphone towards you. A gyroscope is needed to detect such movement.

IKO balance app

It is worth adding that both functions described above work independently of each other. Each of them can be turned on separately or you can use both at the same time.

The IKO application is a tool that gives you access to your account at PKO Bank Polski. Thanks to it, we can, among other things, check the account balance, order a transfer or pay with BLIK contactless. The application also provides access to additional services, such as purchasing a public transport ticket, paying for parking or highway travel, or recharging your phone. Here you can also open an additional account or deposit, take out a loan or buy insurance at any time.

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