PKO BP w ogniu krytyki. Poszło o oszustwa

PKO BP under fire. It was about fraud

The group claims that PKO Bank Polski does not respond to its reports regarding suspicious bank account numbers used by fraudsters. The bank says otherwise.

Group niedlascamu.pldealing with tracking stock exchange investment frauds, published and sent to the editorial office of TELEPOLIS.PL open letter addressed to PKO Bank Polski. In its content, the group accuses the largest financial institution in Poland of does not fulfill its obligations under Polish law. This includes monitoring and reporting suspicious transactions, as well as taking appropriate actions to prevent financial crimes. also complains that PKO BP does not respond to cases reported by the group of suspicious bank account numbers used by criminals, for example, to extort money from people. This “procedure” is to last three years, i.e. since the beginning of the group's activity. Other banks are apparently not so “resistant” and take immediate action in response to reports.

PKO BP open letter

PKO BP: we operate, but we don't brag about it

In order to have a more complete picture of the situation, we turned to PKO BP in the above matter, asking for a comment and information on the problems raised in the open letter from the bank's perspective. We found out that it is not the case that PKO Bank Polski ignores the reports. However, this institution does not take hasty actions and each such report is carefully examined to ensure that no abuse occurs. At last Anyone can report that someone's bank account is being used for criminal activity, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is.

The entire procedure to establish the facts takes time. Apart from that, bound by banking secrecy, PKO BP does not provide information about whether it has blocked someone's account. Therefore, when responding to reports from the group, the bank does not send it information on what it is doing in this matter. This does not mean, however, that appropriate actions are not taken – this is the assurance we received from PKO Bank Polski.

For the bank, the well-being of customers and the funds they entrusted to us was and is a priority.

The “No to Scam” organization has been informed that the bank is taking all necessary actions in accordance with applicable law. However, due to applicable legal provisions, including Art. 104 banking law:

(Obligation to observe banking secrecy) 1. The bank, its employees and persons through whom the bank performs banking activities are obliged to maintain banking secrecy, which includes all information regarding banking activities obtained during negotiations, conclusion and implementation of the contract. , on the basis of which the bank performs this activity,

we cannot provide third parties with information about customers, including accounts maintained or activities undertaken towards account holders.

– Piotr Wardziak from PKO BP told the TELEPOLIS.PL editorial office

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