PKO BP listened to customers.  He made changes to the application

PKO BP listened to customers. He made changes to the application

PKO BP listened to the voice of its customers and, in accordance with their suggestions, introduced a new version of the online currency exchange office to the mobile application. Now users can buy or sell currencies in IKO even easier and more conveniently.

The online currency exchange office of PKO Bank Polski has Mrover 2 million registered customers. Before the upcoming holiday season, the bank has introduced new improvements. As PKO emphasizes, a new version of the currency exchange office in the IKO application has been created after consultations and research with clients.

PKO BP: what's new in the online currency exchange office?

The PKO BP online currency exchange office is now, above all, more user-friendly than in the previous version – it is easier to navigate, requires fewer clicks, you can exchange currencies more convenientlyand commands and descriptions are expressed more understandable language.

Currency exchange history with precise filtering transactions performed are now in one place, and so are customers easier accessp for additional functions such as orders and rate notifications.

PKO also introduced a few other minor improvements. He introduced new vocabulary, e.g. the command “I want to exchange” instead of the earlier “Sell”or “I want to receive” – ​​formerly “I buy”.

Another improvement is changing the direction of exchange with one click – amounts are transferred and converted automatically, and flags make it easier to choose the currency.

Moreover, customers who want to stay updated with the currency market can get notifications about the course as push messages in IKO. Additionally historical rates and trends quotations of a given currency can be checked on charts, with the option of setting your own date range.

An exchange office for individual clients of PKO Bank Polski is available in IKO and iPKO 24 hours a day seven days a week. It already has over 2 million registered customers. It enables exchange of 9 currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, CZK and HUF. Among other things, you can: follow currency charts online and use SMS and push notifications/alerts when the currency rate reaches the level set by the client.

The customer will also order an automatic one currency exchangewhen its course reaches the required value and sets a standing order, thanks to which the bank will exchange currencies on the specified date.

For completing a transaction at a currency exchange office there are no additional fees. You can pay for currency purchases with BLIK from an account in another bank.

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