PKO BP planuje przerwę. Trudności wystąpią 8 kwietnia

PKO BP is planning a break. Difficulties will occur on April 8

PKO Bank Polski has planned a technical break. Due to the moment of its occurrence, it should not be particularly irritating, but it is worth knowing what and how.

Obviously, the bank, as the “trustee” of our money, should be available 24/7, but this is not possible. Financial institutions also have to conduct technical work and I am glad that they have learned to keep them updated.

PKO Bank Polski is planning a technical break. Fortunately, it shouldn't be very irritating, because will take place in the middle of the night, specifically on April 8 between 00.45 a 01.45. As always, it's worth being prepared. Especially if someone expects that they may need access to the account at that moment.

As reported, during the break, PKO BP ATMs and cash deposit machines will not work, including BLIK withdrawals. It will also not be possible to assign a PIN or activate the card. Additionally, it will be impossible to verify 3D Secure transactions or make contactless payments by phone.

The bank also warns that certain problems may concern card payments at payment terminals, card withdrawals from ATMs of other banks, card payments on the Internet, as well as connecting cards to Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Swatch Pay, Xiaomi Pay and payments with them.

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