PKO BP żongluje kodami. Klienci będą jeszcze bezpieczniejsi

PKO BP is juggling codes. Customers will be even safer

PKO Bank Polski is preparing another novelty. Its customers can now use digital credit cards with a variable CVC/CVV code, which will increase the security of online purchases.

PKO does not slow down and introduces new products almost every day. Today, the bank announced another convenience for customers, introducing digital credit cards with variable CVC/CVV code. Immediately after its issuance, the physical card will immediately gain its digital equivalent in the IKO mobile application and iPKO online service.

PKO BP: digital cards with variable CVC/CVV code

The digital version of a credit card gives its holder new possibilities. The first one is immediate availability – the card can be used immediately after acceptance at the bank to apply for a credit card, without having to wait for the physical card to be delivered.

In practice, this means the possibility of using the card to pay online, as well as activating recurring payments (subscriptions). You can also immediately add the card to contactless payments smartphone or watch to your wallet: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, SwatchPAY! or Xiaomi Pay.

The second unique feature that comes with the digital form of cards is variable CVC/CVV code – is only valid for a certain period of time, after which it changes. The code is displayed in the IKO application and iPKO website or is available via the bank hotline. This increases the security of card payments online. To use these new functions, the customer does not have to replace the card – only the current version of IKO is enough.

PKO praises the introduction of a variable CVC/CVV code on the digital card increases the level of protection and security for customers online card payments. PKO is also one of the few banks in the world that supports variable security code in the application.

In the near future there will also be a digital card and CVC/CVV variable code available to debit card holders. In the next stage, the bank plans to give customers the opportunity giving up physical cards. The bank aims to completely eliminate plastic payment cards from its clients' wallets.

We have just made the first technological step – digital versions of our credit cards are available in the IKO application on smartphones and on the iPKO website. They have all the functions of plastic cards, and even a little more – a variable CVC/CVV code that increases the level of cybersecurity. This is the beginning of this innovative change – ultimately, the customer will decide whether he wants to have a physical and digital card, or just a digital card

– emphasizes Paweł Placzke, director of the Individual Client Products Department at PKO BP.

The customer will be able to give up your physical card already at the application stage. At any time later, if necessary, he will be able to order the card in physical form.

Digital PKO cards – for whom?

New digital functions are now available to all individual customers using it Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Existing credit card users can use both the CVC/CVV code printed on the back of the card and dynamic security code CVC/CVV, displayed in the IKO application and iPKO website.

PKO also announces that on new credit cards, including those renewed, static code will no longer be printed on the back security – the customer will find a hint there: “CVC/CVV -> IKO mobile application/iPKO online service/hotline”.

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