PKO BP ma ważny komunikat. Dotyczy wszystkich klientów

PKO BP has an important announcement. Applies to all customers

PKO Bank Polski announces a break for technical work. Some services will be disabled for 12 hours.

PKO Bank Polski in a special announcement, he informed about upcoming technical works. These will start next Sunday and will last for half a year. Among the difficulties, one of the most troublesome seems to be the unavailability of “Płakę z iPKO” and the lack of access to the banking website.

PKO BP announces a technical break

The technical break announced by the bank will take place on Sunday, March 17 and will depart from 00:00 to 12:00, so this is the time when the lack of some services will not be very inconvenient for most customers. However, it is worth knowing that during these hours you will not be able to use:

  • iPKO and iPKO biznes online and telephone services,
  • open banking functions (Open Banking),
  • multi-currency function for card to account
  • payments in online stores using the “Pay with iPKO” service,

What’s more, during a technical break the iPKO Biznes application will not be available. They will suffer too IKO payments, which will only be possible via BLIK. You will also not be able to withdraw money from ATMs using the IKO application. However, there should be no problems with physical payment cards.

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