PKO BP chwali się liczbami. Z tej usługi korzystają 2 mln klientów

PKO BP boasts about numbers. This service is used by 2 million customers

PKO Bank Polski boasts of its new result. This is the PKO online currency exchange office. Two million registered customers already use the service, most of them in the IKO mobile application.

The PKO BP bank announced an agreement to use an online currency exchange office The two millionth customer has just signed a contract. The users of the currency exchange office have done so far over 47 million transactionsof which almost 9 out of 10, or 88%, took place in 2023 in the IKO mobile application. The bank also reported that the most popular currency last year was the clearly dominant euro.

The online currency exchange office for PKO individual clients has been operating since the beginning of 2018 on the iPKO website. From July 2019, customers can also conclude transactions in the IKO mobile application. Last year over 61 percent the transaction was made at a currency exchange office by Poles, and almost 39 percent – foreigners.

Of the 9 currencies that can be exchanged at the exchange office (EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, CZK and HUF), definitely the purchase and sale of the euro/zloty pair dominates – it is 70 percent. transactions made in 2023. The second most popular pair is dollar/zloty (12%), and the third place on the podium is taken by Scandinavian currencies (9%).

Customers complete most transactions at the currency exchange office during the holiday months (July and August) – turnover at that time was 16.9%. annual customer turnover throughout 2023.

PKO also states that last year inhabitants of Masovia were most willing to use it (8.48 percent of customers), Silesia (7.36 percent) and Greater Poland (7.33 percent), and least are residents of the following voivodeships: Opole (4.90%), Lubuskie (4.88%) and Świętokrzyskie (4.61%).

The currency exchange office for PKO individual clients is available in IKO and iPKO 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It allows you to exchange 9 currencies. Among other things, you can: follow currency charts online and use SMS and push notifications/alerts when the currency rate reaches the level specified by the customer. The customer will also order automatic currency exchange when its exchange rate reaches the required value and set a standing order, thanks to which the bank will exchange currencies on the specified day.

For completing a transaction at a currency exchange office there are no additional fees. You can pay for currency purchases with BLIK from an account in another bank.

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