Peugeot shows us a pretty crazy electric bike concept

At ProDays 2023, the Peugeot brand presented several exclusives that will land in the course of 2023 and 2024. Among them, a very premium electric bike concept with an eye-catching design.

The Peugeot Concept Digital eCity. Here is one that clearly had its effect at the ProDays 2023, organized in Paris. The French brand exclusively presented this model “almost finished“, we were told, which will be released in 2024. And the least we can say is that its technical sheet is top notch.

To get started, know that this electric bike is designed by the partner company Beweelsociety. It is also this company that oversees the connectivity of the machine, through an eponymous mobile application that will seek to support the user throughout his experience.

A very unique design

Driving and weather data, GPS, trip sharing: this application aims to be complete, and even goes further than others. “We want to integrate a multimodal dimension, with the possibility of renting an electric car after his bike trip if the user needs to drop it off somewhere to continue with a car trip», Tells us a representative of the brand.

The idea is that the application is a gateway between two modes of transport. It’s not e-bikes versus e-cars, it’s e-bikes and cars“, continues our interlocutor. A relatively innovative position that wishes to make the link between two worlds.

Visually, the bike itself is disconcerting. Due to the shape of its frame in particular, but also its very curved and relatively high handlebars which will call for a straight driving position. Overall, the bike is very refined and the finishes are really successful. A little treat to watch.

Two very torquey motors to choose from

The technical sheet also has something to impress: everything is simply top of the range. This concept uses Shimano for all of its structural components. The customer can opt for a mid-engine EP6 (3 kg, 85 Nm) or EP8 (2.6 kg, 85 Nm), which are among the brand’s most powerful engines. The aluminum frame will also accommodate a removable Shimano battery.

At the rear, you will have to rely on an automatic variable transmission still from Shimano. With it, the bike is able to understand your speed and pedaling frequency, to adjust the gear ratio to your rhythm. Everything is obviously associated with a carbon belt, which does not get dirty.

Specificity of this model, its mounting in mule with a front wheel of 29 inches and a rear wheel of 26 inches, which are shod on Kendall tires. As an option, a suspension fork will be available to provide a little more comfort. A Quadlock or SP Connect support is also on the menu to fix your phone… but without wireless charging for the moment.

What price Peugeot Concept Digital eCity?

As for the prices, Peugeot and Beweelsociety do not have very precise information to communicate to us. “But it is a bike that will not cost 6000 euros. It will certainly be premium, but not luxury either.», we are told. We can therefore expect a price floating around 4500 or even 5000 euros. We can’t wait to try it.

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