Pekao z cenną nowością. Nie pytaj i od razu to włącz

Pekao with a valuable new product. Don't ask and turn it on right away

Bank Pekao is introducing two-factor login to the Pekao24 website – it was announced. It's worth turning them on right away.

Two-factor login is one of the most effective security methods. After all, even if someone gets your password, they will still have to get through the second layer of authorization.

From March 28, they can also take advantage of the benefits of this mechanism Pekao customers logging in to electronic banking via the Pekao24 website. It is no longer enough to simply enter the customer number and the appropriate password characters, as before, but consent granted in the PeoPay mobile application is also required.

You have to activate the protection yourself, but it is definitely worth it. For this purpose:

  • Log in to Pekao24 and select your profile.
  • Go to Settings.
  • In the Security tab you will see a new option – Two-Factor Login.
  • Select Change and enable PeoPay.
  • Confirm this operation in the PeoPay application.

Please remember that two-factor login is not an alternative to the current PSD2 directive, which requires authorization of new login channels to the bank. However, it is an additional option for those who are afraid of, for example, password leakage.

Since it's better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes, the editors strongly recommend that Pekao bank customers take advantage of the novelty.

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