Pekao with a new promotion.  You can win up to PLN 1,500

Pekao with a new promotion. You can win up to PLN 1,500

Bank Pekao has launched a new promotional campaign. In the next edition of the “I Recommend Preferably” program, each customer can receive a cash prize for successfully recommending one person – a total of up to PLN 1,500 is up for grabs.

They can take part in the “I Recommend Przeprzynie” program both current ones bank customers, as well as people who they will set up an account during the program period. Just register in the PeoPay mobile application or the Pekao24 website. The person using the recommendation will be able to do so later become a referrer.

Pekao: how to get PLN 1,500?

Users can recommend accounts for various customer groups in the bank’s offer: Konto Przerożne, Konto Przerożne dla Młodych, Konto Świat Premium and Konto Przekrzywne Biznes. Each customer can receive a reward for successfully recommending one person in the amount from PLN 50 to PLN 100depending on which account he recommends.

Each bank customer can recommend an account to a maximum of 15 people gain up to PLN 1,500. A new customer can receive a reward for opening an account in the promotion for new customers.

After joining the group of Pekao clients, you can become a referrer yourself. Just remember about providing the recommended person with a code, which is the telephone number provided when registering in the program. You can open an account conveniently online using a selfie in the PeoPay mobile application.

And a bonus of PLN 200

New customers can also take advantage of the 11th edition of the “Open Konto Przerożne online and get a prize” promotion receive a bonus of up to PLN 200 from the bank on your own account. To take part in the campaign, you must create an online account and meet the appropriate conditions:

  • open an account with a debit card, Pekao24 electronic banking and the PeoPay application until April 3, 2024 to receive a transfer of PLN 50,
  • perform minimum 5 card transactions assigned to the account in each of the next three months and gain an additional PLN 150.

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