Pekao da ci 200 zł i darmowe bankomaty. Masz czas do 3 kwietnia

Pekao will give you PLN 200 and free ATMs. You have until April 3

Bank Pekao continues the promotion for its Konto Przekrzywne. Important: you must apply before April 3.

Bank Pekao's promotion for Konto Przerożne lasts only until April 3, under which you can win up to PLN 200 in bonuses, and enjoy a two-year no-fee guarantee.

Exactly PLN 50 will be won by people who open the above-mentioned account with a debit card, Pekao24 online banking and the PeoPay application within the specified period.

In addition, the bank will pay another PLN 50 for each month min. 5 non-cash transactions during the first quarter. Total: PLN 200.

>>Create a Przerożne Account with a bonus of PLN 200 <<

However, this is not the end of the bonuses, because the institution also promises that account maintenance fees, ATM withdrawals and card fees will be PLN 0 for a period of 2 years.

At the same time, you can also become the owner of a Savings Account with an attractive interest rate of 7%. Details and the form can be found at this address.

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