Pekao will give you PLN 200 and free ATMs. Just a few minutes

Pekao will give you PLN 200 and free ATMs.  Just a few minutes

Bank Pekao continues its good streak. An attractive promotion has been prepared, which includes a PLN 0 account, high-interest savings and free PLN 200.

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to save and pay attention to unnecessary expenses. And this latest promotion is apparently aimed at them Bank Pekao regarding Konto Przeprzynego.

Account for PLN 0 and free PLN 200 for you

People who to June 13, 2024 If they open a Savings Account with a Przerożny Account, they can count on attractive interest rates on their savings. We are talking about… 7% per year for 5 months for an amount up to PLN 100,000, which is currently rare on the market.

Additionally Bank Pekao is giving away PLN 200. The promotion applies to the above-mentioned Przerożny Account with a debit card, Pekao24 online banking and the PeoPay application, as well as to people who make 5 non-cash transactions in each of the three months after opening the account.

>>Create a Przerożne Account with a bonus of PLN 200 <<

A new account takes 5 minutes of work. To take advantage of Bank Pekao's offer, all you need to do is complete the online application, confirm your identity (e.g. using a selfie or mObywatel), and then verify your data by the bank.

It is worth emphasizing that it's a convenient and free option. Bank Pekao offers account management, gold card services, currency conversions, ATM withdrawals and transfers for PLN 0, after meeting the conditions. The promotion is addressed to new bank customers. Full promotion rules are available HERE.

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