Pekao ma pilny komunikat. Dotyczy wszystkich klientów

Pekao has an urgent message. Applies to all customers

Cybercriminals are attacking again. This time, their target was the clients of Pekao SA

Scammers and online scammers often target customers of well-known companies. They were particularly fond of it financial companies, including banks, investment, government agencies and courier companies. This time they focused on banks, or rather on one of the most recognizable ones in Poland.

Pekao SA customers are at risk. They are preyed upon by fraudsters

Team CSIRT KNF working at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority located a fake website, intentionally made to resemble the website Pekao bank. Potential victims are most likely lured by advertisements on social media or via SMS/e-mail.

Address the fake website is, which is different from the original (, but an inattentive eye may not notice it immediately. The fake website includes an account login form that requires entering our online banking details. Entering your data there may result in loss of money.

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