Patodeweloperzy to pokochają. Stworzyli dla nich pralkę marzeń

Path developers will love it. They created a dream washing machine for them

The Roborock brand, previously associated mainly with self-propelled vacuum cleaners, presented a washing machine. However, this is not an ordinary model.

Statistically, the square footage of apartments is decreasing year by year, and this actually applies to all metropolises, where millions of people have to be crammed into a relatively small area. Therefore, it is not surprising that household appliance manufacturers are also trying to make their equipment smaller so that the user can save valuable space.

Washer-dryer Roborock Smart Mini M1 Pure, in question, has dimensions of only 428 x 512 x 489 mm. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for installation on a countertop or inside a bathroom cabinet.

Moving on to more detailed specifications, the drum rotation speed is 4000 rpm and the air blowing capacity is 18 km/h. In addition, thanks to the implementation of numerous sensors and integration with the accompanying application, the device is said to be extremely unengaging.

The equipment is equipped with as many as 20 programs, including: automatic cleaning and disinfection mode with water at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and the original Fresh Gale 3D function, intended to soften dried fabrics. In addition, the detergent tank, with a capacity of 270 ml, is enough for more than one wash, all at a low noise level – 45 dB.

Unfortunately for those interested, Roborock Smart Mini M1 Pure is a proposition for singles, not the whole family. The reason is the low drum load capacity, estimated by the manufacturer at only 1 kg. The suggested retail price is $498. (approx. PLN 1,989). Unfortunately, we don't know whether the device will come to Europe.

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