Płatne kasy samoobsługowe w znanej sieci. O dziwo, jest w tym logika

Paid self-service checkouts in a well-known chain. Surprisingly, there is logic to this

One of the largest store chains in the world is focusing on new solutions that will not necessarily appeal to consumers. You will have to pay for self-service checkouts.

Over the last decade, the trend of self-service checkouts has been constantly developing. Customers enter the store, choose products, scan and pay themselves without having to interact with another person.

At the beginning of the year, we informed that Biedronka has already installed approximately 15,000 such machines and they are located in 87% of their stores. Most points have an average of 5 operating self-service checkouts

Walmart introduces paid self-checkouts

According to Money.pl, an American colossus Walmart introduces to its stores paid self-service checkouts. Only selected customers will be able to use them. This group includes couriers of the Spark application, popular in the United States. The second privileged group are subscribers to the Walmart+ program, which costs $98 per year.

This solution is defended by Joe Pennington, the incumbent Walmart spokesman. He reveals that this is not a decision of the company's headquarters, but grassroots actions of the managers of individual stores. Moreover, it denies that the initiative is intended to increase the number of subscribers to the Walmart+ program. He believes that the main reason for the decision is the positive impact of shopping time and compares it to checkouts “for up to 10 products”, thanks to which people with smaller purchases can pay faster.

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