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In the world of connected bulbs, Wiz is a rather atypical builder. Subsidiary of the sector leader Philips Hue, it nevertheless offers a completely independent ecosystem and above all which has its own real assets. This is what we saw during our test of the Wiz Whites E27 8W.

Wiz is a brand owned by connected light giant Philips Hue. With it, he addresses a whole audience interested in connected bulbs, but who are turning away from expensive Hue products.

Wiz has a very wide range and is not limited to a simple copy and paste of Hue products in discount version. This manufacturer has more than one card up its sleeve as we will discover with this review of the Wiz Whites E27 8W. A connected bulb which on paper diffuses a white light that can go from 2,700 K to 6,500 K, to monitor its energy consumption and even to detect movements!

Design and functionality: more interesting than attractive

To do more boilerplate than this light bulb is an almost impossible mission. Nothing suggests that this 6 x 12.2 cm product is connected, except the inscription Wiz Whites on the side. The assembly is flawless and has nothing to envy to its more expensive competitors.

This 8W bulb, 60W equivalent, promises a maximum brightness of 806 lumens. In terms of whites, they can range from 2,200 to 6,500 K, which should bring beautiful nuances ranging from the warmest to the coldest.

Installation and configuration: a model of simplicity

First of all, you will need to download the Wiz V2 app, then you can connect the bulb to a light fixture.

The first thing the application asks you is to create your Home and define the pieces who compose it.

Once done, press the ” + on the screen to add a bulb. Beforehand, you will have turned it on and off four times to activate the pairing mode.

Auto-detection works the first time and then the only action you need to take is to enter your Wi-Fi code.

At the end of the process, Wiz has the good idea to offer us to immediately configure the bulb. How will she react when you activate the switch? Should it remember its last state? Or, how long will the fade in and fade out be?

The application offers a clean and easy to understand interface. The home page brings together a list of the rooms that make up your house. At this point, you can turn on or off the bulbs that equip each of the rooms. When we enter the page dedicated to a room, we have a section Quick check which allows you to apply your favorite light effects to all bulbs. The sectionDeviceslist the bulbs in the room.

Select a Whites bulb (here the A2) and you can then choose the level of white and the power of light diffusion at your fingertips.

In addition, each Wiz bulb individually or in groups can be integrated into pre-saved light scenarios and you can of course create your own. The operation is very simple and you can of course design it within Google Home, Alexa or Siri.

In addition, the application offers an impressive integration list, in addition to voice assistants, with among others: IFTTT, SmartThings, Enki and many others more or less known in our regions. The only thing missing is the multimedia or gaming integrations that Philips Hue or Nanoleaf can offer.

It is also possible to create a circadian cycle to adapt the light to your sleep rhythm, or even a schedule of use and even to simulate a presence in case of absence.

For those who are more economical and eco-responsible, the application gives access to a function for monitoring overall electricity consumption, room by room and bulb by bulb.

A valuable tool for those who want to optimize their consumption as much as possible.

In use: efficient and practical

The bulb prides itself on delivering a maximum light output of 806 lumens, a figure behind the Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Bulb E27 (8.5W) and its 1,100 lumens. On the other hand, it is positioned at the same level as the Philips Hue White 8W.

The power is there, however, at 100% we have enough brightness to support precision activities. Reading is still comfortable in a 20m² room, as long as you don’t drop below 40-50% power.

The shades of white are numerous and make it possible to obtain exactly the desired shade fairly quickly. It will therefore be an excellent ally for creating personalized lighting atmospheres, some of which are animated with pulsations and/or white temperature variations.

Motion detection: surprisingly effective

Do you know that when you move in a room, it disturbs the signal of a Wi-Fi network? Wiz bulbs exploit this fact to offer an original and effective motion detection technology. Two bulbs in the same room are required to ensure its operation.

It is then possible to program specific actions, such as turning on the bulbs for a defined time when a person enters a room. Or, turn it off automatically after a period (that you have defined) without detecting the slightest movement. Fine-tuning motion detection sensitivity is imperative for maximum effectiveness, especially if you have pets.

We were amazed by the effectiveness of this technology, despite the pitfalls of the three cats that occupy the tester’s home.

Price and availability of the Wiz Whites E27 8W

The Wiz Whites E27 8W is available at a price of 12.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website and at partner retailers such as Amazon.

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