Ouch, the iPhone 15 Pro would resist falls much less than the 14 Pro according to this video

In a video where the two smartphones are subjected to repeated painful falls, the iPhone 15 Pro displays much lower resistance than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro.

The new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are distinguished by different aspects and in particular by the fact that they are dressed in a titanium frame. A material considered more noble than the stainless steel which still fitted their predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

The lightness of titanium has already been greatly praised in tests, the feeling in the hand is really better. On the other hand, this change is also supposed to provide better resistance. However, drop tests carried out by Sam Kohl from the AppleTrack YouTube channel cast a shadow over the picture.

An iPhone 15 Pro that cracks more quickly

The videographer drops the two phones from different heights and several times onto a hard floor to test their resistance. Needless to say, it is strongly recommended not to reproduce this experience with your model. On the other hand, its video, although it does not claim to be a rigorously scientific test, tends to show that the iPhone 15 Pro is less successful in avoiding glass cracks on the front and back.

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Note that the two tortured iPhones in the video both show good resistance. On the other hand, the flat steel edges of the iPhone 14 Pro absorb shocks better. Opposite, the more recent and more rounded iPhone 15 Pro shows signs of weaknesses more quickly.

So, after a while, while the iPhone 14 Pro only has a few small impacts on the edges, the iPhone 15 Pro is more severely damaged with cracks appearing on the rear and front glass plates.

Shocks less well absorbed

As pointed out 9to5Mac

, this can be explained by the fact that stainless steel is less rigid than titanium. Thus, if titanium itself is indeed more resistant, the shock it receives is distributed to other areas of the smartphone. Depending on the intensity of the blow and the point of impact, the glass is much more damaged. As a result, the cracks spread quite quickly like a spider web on the iPhone 15 Pro while they remain contained in a very small area when they appear on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Sam Kohl’s video is just over 13 minutes long. After a while, while no major damage is to be deplored on the iPhone 14 Pro, its successor, the iPhone 15 Pro, actually sees the lower half of its screen stop working and become covered in pixels whites.

At the back, the surface covering the photo block even detaches from the phone.

There is, however, one point where the iPhone 15 Pro performs better. The small marks that appear on its titanium frame after a fall are erased much more easily with a rub of the thumb than on the steel of the iPhone 14 Pro.

On the other hand, be aware that this same titanium can temporarily change colors on the iPhone 15 Pro when you are not wearing a protective case.

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