Ouch, it’s already early retirement for one of the first “Tesla killers”

Jaguar is preparing to end the career of its I-Pace in the year 2025. The electric SUV rival of the Tesla Model X will not be replaced in a direct way. And for good reason, the entire range will be removed.

From 2035, all manufacturers will have to stop selling thermal cars to devote themselves solely to electric vehicles. And no brand will be spared except those selling less than 1,000 vehicles per year, like Caterham for example. But not everyone is really ahead of the game at the moment.

A retirement

This is for example the case of Jaguar, which even lags behind its competitors. The firm currently offers only one electric car, which is none other than the I-Pace. A large SUV that was first unveiled in 2016 but only launched two years later. At the time, the I-Pace was one of the first electric cars to be called a “Tesla killer”. It then competed head-on with the Tesla Model X, among others.

But there, after five years of marketing, the British brand’s only electric car is getting old. Admittedly, a slight restyling was unveiled at the start of the year, but without any real novelties. Indeed, if the design has been very slightly redesigned, the mechanics have not changed one iota.

Is the Jaguar brand having trouble believing in its electric SUV? No doubt: less than 10,000 copies were sold worldwide in 2021, which is obviously very little. For comparison, the Tesla Model Y has sold more than 136,000 units since last January in the European market alone.

The English manufacturer has therefore decided to act since it plans to completely overhaul its range over the next few years. And unfortunately, the I-Pace is not part of his plans. Adrian Mardell, the new boss of Jaguar-Land Rover confirmed to journalists on the site Coach that the electric SUV was about to bow out.

A reinvented range

It’s now official, the latter will indeed leave the range from the year 2025. And it will not be replaced by a new generation. It will not act either as a transition pending the arrival of a new model. And this even if the manufacturer explains that the date of his end of career will be adapted so as not to create a vacuum for too long in the range.

Jaguar plans to launch other models a little later, including an unprecedented 100% electric sedan. It shouldn’t see the light of day right away, sinceit will be unveiled in 2024. It will also be accompanied by three new SUVs, which will help it develop its strategy. The brand wants sell your cars for moreeven if it means reducing its volumes, going from 5,000 to 4,000 cars per month.

The latter therefore plans to do a major cleaning, since she is simply going to remove all of its current models from the start of 2025. A radical strategy, which should allow it to catch up by transforming itself into a 100% electric brand. All these new cars will be based on a new platform called JEA. This should notably be distinguished by an elongated wheelbase.

The British group recently signed a partnership with the Indian battery supplier Agratas, in order to offer a range of up to 700 kilometers to its future cars. A questionable strategy, when we know that this will result in a higher weight and therefore increased consumption.

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