Orange will offer customers more energy from renewable sources

Orange will offer customers more energy from renewable sources

The orange operator has signed a contract with Polenergia, thanks to which Orange Energia’s individual and business customers will be able to purchase more energy from renewable sources. The contract covers permanent deliveries for 2024 and 2025.

Energy that will reach customers Orange Energywill be produced on Puck wind farm and Krzęcin wind farmwhich belong to Polenergia Group. The first of these farms consists of 11 wind turbines with total power 22 MW. Krzęcin is in turn 4 turbines with total power 6 MW. Thanks to cooperation with Polenergia ObrótOrange Energia can provide customers with even more energy from renewable sources.

Orange Energia is a seller of energy and renewable energy solutions, incl photovoltaics and heat pumps. As part of its strategy, the company minimizes the negative impact on the climate and supports solutions that less burden the environment.

The agreement with Polenergia is another step in the implementation of the Orange Energia strategy, which assumes providing customers only with offers using energy from 100% renewable sources. Thanks to this, we not only contribute to reducing the carbon footprint as a company, but also actively support our clients in their actions for the environment. Additionally, by selling offers based on energy from renewable sources, we help business clients meet ESG criteria that are part of EU and national legislation.

– said Bartosz Gott, president of Orange Energia

Polenergia is the largest Polish private energy group. It consists of vertically integrated companies operating in the field of energy generation from renewable and low-emission sources and sales of electricity to business and retail customers.

Orange Energia is part of the global Orange Group. We are happy with the prospect of Polenergia’s permanent cooperation with such a recognized brand. Orange Polska offers customers the opportunity to use renewable energy. Customers who decide to use this service support the energy transformation of our country. The contract we signed with Orange Energia is part of the strategy of commercialization of energy produced by our Group.

– said Marek Musiał, president of the management board of Polenergia Obrót

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