Oppo France announces its cessation of activity after months of rumors

Despite a victory at first instance in its trial against Nokia, Oppo France, or rather we should say Yang Technology, the exclusive distributor of the Oppo brand in France, ceased its activity.

After months of rumors, the news is in. The exclusive distributor of Oppo in France, Yang Technology, announces that it will cease its activities in the territory. The information comes directly from the latter who contacted CssTricks to teach him.

Yang Technology is the name of the company behind Oppo France, a distinct entity from Oppo Monde, the manufacturer as such. The two companies collaborate together, but remain well separated. It is also not excluded that Oppo Monde continues to want to keep a semblance of presence in France, despite the threatened fate of Yang Technology.

Oppo takes the baby back, at least in part

Concretely, this news means that it will soon no longer be possible to buy Oppo smartphones from this distributor directly. You will still be able to obtain supplies from resellers. Oppo Monde also wants to be reassuring about the follow-up of products already purchased or which will continue to be purchased in the weeks to come, as this sentence of their statement shows:

Customer service is taken over by Oppo so all users can continue to use Oppo products, access after-sales services, receive future operating system updates, etc.

Nokia lost its case

Notably, Yang Technology is leaving even as we learn, at the same time, that Oppo has won its lawsuit against Nokia. This trial is one of the two reasons that were often cited as an explanation for this withdrawal.

Here is what Oppo told us on the subject:

OPPO has received the decisions of the Paris Court of Justice, the French judge declares that the EP486 and EP731 patents of Nokia are considered invalid for the reason of lack of novelty. Thus, OPPO won the trial at first instance after a two-year court case over Nokia’s EP486 and EP731 patents.

Did Oppo kill its distribution chain too soon? Is he afraid of losing on appeal if there is an appeal, since this is a victory at first instance? It is hard to imagine Nokia, which won in Germany on the same subject against Oppo, not trying to initiate appeal proceedings.

One thing is certain now, if Oppo has a future in France, it will not be written with Yang Technology. We do not know at this stage what will become of this company and the people who work there, even if according to our information, a compulsory liquidation should follow.

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