OpenAI przejmuje Rockset za kilkaset milionów dolarów

OpenAI acquires Rockset. AI will be faster and more accurate

OpenAI, a leader in AI solutions and supported by Microsoft, announced the acquisition of Rockset, a startup focused on real-time database analysis and search. The deal aims to provide better infrastructure for enterprise products.

The value of the transaction remains a secret, but it is hundreds of millions of dollars

Although the companies did not disclose the value of the transaction, sources familiar with the matter said OpenAI acquired Rockset for its shares, valuing the company at several hundred million dollars. This is one of the largest acquisitions in the AI ​​market. OpenAI’s last valuation was $86 billion in a tender offer earlier this year.

Rockset is a startup founded by former Meta engineers. He deals with real-time search and database analytics using artificial intelligence for tasks such as chat bots and anomaly detection. The startup received support from companies such as Greylock, Sequoia and the venture capital department of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Last year, Rockset raised a total of $105 million in funding.

Rockset’s knowledge and experience in real-time data processing and vector search will strengthen OpenAI’s ability to quickly access and analyze huge amounts of information. This could help both speed up the performance of OpenAI language models and increase the accuracy of their responses. This, however, is a tasty morsel for enterprises that, although they appreciate AI solutions, are afraid of the hallucinations of current language models.

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