GeForce RTX 50 interfejs pamięci

One thing about GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards will not change

GeForce RTX 50 Blackwell graphics cards are to use the same memory interfaces as the RTX 40 Lovelace series models.

The first models of GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards are expected to go on sale at the end of this year or in early 2025. The Blackwell series is expected to bring many improvements and be characterized by a large leap in performance, but one thing will remain unchanged. It’s about the memory interface.

GeForce RTX 50 and the memory interface

Information on this subject was provided on Twitter by @kopite7kimi, who is well known in the industry and is the source of many rumors. Very often, his news is later confirmed in reality, so although it is just a rumor, it can be treated as very probable.

In his opinion, GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards will use a similar memory interface configuration as the RTX 40 models. This means that dreams of a 512-bit bus in the case of the most powerful variants can probably be postponed. If nothing changes in this respect, the GeForce RTX 4090 with the GB202 chip will still use a 384-bit interface.

Is it wrong? In my opinion no. First of all, remember that the new graphics cards will be equipped with GDDR7 32 Gbps memory. Thanks to this, the memory bandwidth will increase significantly anyway. In the case of a 384-bit bus, this gives a throughput of as much as 1536 GB/s, so by approximately 50 percent. higher than in RTX 4090 (1008 GB/s).

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