One of the flagship features of the iPhone 15 will also be present on older models

Apple has, fortunately, thought of old iPhones for the most useful functions of the iPhone 15.

When announcing the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, Apple once again surprised its audience with… a function already present on Android.

This is the ability to retouch the focus on photos already taken, bringing a new dimension to portrait mode.

An expected update in the face of Android competition

For years, portrait mode has been one of the flagship features of smartphones. It is used to reproduce a very popular effect in photography: bokeh, which consists of blurring the background to highlight the main subject of the image. However, until now, iPhone users were faced with a major limitation: once the photo was taken, it was impossible to change the focus afterwards. A gap all the more noticeable since certain competitors, such as Google’s Pixel series, already offered this flexibility. You can see how it works here on X/Twitter.

The new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have rectified the situation, not only by allowing focus adjustment after taking, but also by offering the possibility of activating portrait mode on an image that had not initially been captured with this functionality. A welcome function for users who will now be able to reinterpret their photos as they wish, giving them a second life.

iOS 17: portrait mode for everyone (or almost)

The good news doesn’t stop with owners of the latest model. Indeed, the iOS 17 update, scheduled for September 18, 2023, will make this functionality accessible to owners of iPhone 14, 14 Pro and, to a lesser extent, iPhone 13.

However, one function remains the prerogative of the iPhone 15: depth of field detection. These new models are able to automatically analyze the image, detect if there are people or pets and record depth of field information, even if portrait mode was not activated when shooting. socket. Thus, post-production becomes more intuitive and adapted to each shot.

For the most impatient, it should be noted that the beta version of iOS 17 has been accessible since June 2023 for all those who have activated the beta channel in the system settings.

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