One of Samsung’s best soundbars of 2023 is already 300 euros off

The 2023 vintage of Samsung soundbars turned out to be as good as, if not better than, that of 2022. 300 euros each. We explain how to take advantage of it.

In just a few years, Samsung has made a name for itself in the soundbar industry. Last year, the Korean manufacturer hit hard with its Samsung HW-S800B, a very compact soundbar with impressive power.

This year, Samsung has further improved its formula with the Samsung HW-Q800C (which received a score of 9/10 in the columns of CssTricks) and its even more high-end version, the Samsung HW-Q930C 2023.

Until October 2, these two soundbars benefit from a deferred refund offer (ODR) of 100 and 200 euros each, which are added to already very generous immediate reductions. Here’s what to remember:

  • The Samsung HW-Q800C, whose price is usually 799 euros, is entitled to 200 euros of immediate discount and 100 euros of ODR. Its price therefore goes to 499 euros, or more than 35% reduction.
  • The Samsung HW-Q930C 2023, whose price is usually 999 euros, is entitled to an immediate discount of 100 euros and an ODR of 200 euros. Its price therefore increases to 699 euros, or around 30% reduction.

Samsung Q-Series HW-Q800C 2023: balanced, powerful and compact

At less than 500 euros until the beginning of October, the Samsung Q-Series HW-Q800C is undoubtedly the best value for money for a Samsung soundbar. In its test, CssTricks praised the audio quality of the device: “her sound signature is balanced and she knows how to play very loud without breaking down», We can read in conclusion, right next to a beautiful 9/10.

Samsung HW-Q800C review

The sound is not the only one of its qualities. Samsung’s real feat is to have managed to achieve such sound accuracy with such a compact device. The HW-Q800C is in fact 1.10 meters long, 6 cm high and 12 cm deep. In other words, she knows how to be very discreet under a screen. And for those who have hung their television on the wall, it comes with a mounting kit and screws for hanging it.

This compactness is all the more remarkable as the soundbar houses a total of 11 speakers, for a reproduction of 5.1.2 channels. Understand that there are 5 channels for horizontal spatialization, 2 for vertical spatialization and a final one for bass. It is this spatialization which gives the impression that the sound surrounds the spectator when he is facing it. It is obviously Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible.

The HW-Q800C has also been designed to match Samsung’s (excellent) televisions. It features Q-Symphony 3.0 technology, which allows the speakers of Samsung’s QLED, NEO QLED and OLED televisions to be synchronized with those of the soundbar to further enhance immersion.

To all this, Samsung has added tons of very practical features: Chromecast integration, AirPlay 2.0 support, possibility of very finely controlling the soundbar from the Samsung SmartThings application, integration of SpaceFit Sound technology to adapt the sound to the layout of the room or even support for HDMI eARC to enjoy the soundbar with a console or Blu-Ray player. And to make matters worse, a remote control is included in the packaging.

Launched at a price of 799 euros in April 2023, the Samsung HW-Q800C currently benefits from an immediate reduction of 200 euros to which must be added an additional discount of 100 euros via an ODR. Until the beginning of September, this soundbar is available for only 499 euros on the Samsung Store. It is also available at 499 euros (after ODR) at Boulanger.

Samsung Q-Series HW-Q930C 2023: even greater sound immersion

If you find that the HW-Q800C is not complete enough, you should turn to the HW-Q930C. This soundbar is identical in almost every way to the HW-Q800C except that it includes two additional wireless rear speakers and two additional transducers within the soundbar.

This is a significant difference, because we go from 5.1.2 channel reproduction to 9.1.4 channels. The two rear speakers in fact add two additional channels for vertical spatialization and the two additional transducers add two additional channels for vertical spatialization. In terms of sound immersion, a new milestone has been reached.

Samsung HW-Q800C review

Above all, the HW-Q930C has the same connectivity options and features as the HW-Q800C. If you have a high-end Samsung TV from 2022 or 2023, you can benefit from Dolby Atmos sound wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Likewise, this speaker is compatible with AirPlay 2.0, supports Chromecast streaming and has complete connectivity (optical input, two HDMI eARC sockets, USB port).

With 100 euros immediate discount and 200 euros ODR, the HW-Q930C soundbar currently costs only 699 euros. A nice reduction of 30% compared to its launch price, displayed at 999 euros last April. This soundbar is also available from Boulanger, Fnac and Darty.

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