On Google TV and Android TV, Netflix increases certain content to 60 FPS

On Google TV and Android TV devices, Netflix is ​​now leveraging a feature that rolled out with Android 12. Called “match content frame rate,” it allows content that supports higher framerates to stream natively.

Do you have an Android TV or Google TV device and do you have a Netflix subscription? It’s the ideal combo to take advantage of a discreet feature, deployed last year with Android 12… and which was not supported by the SVoD platform until now. Baptized ” match content frame rate “, this function will now allow Netflix to broadcast its content with a higher number of images per second if they have been filmed accordingly. Conversely, content with a framerate slightly below the standard will also be displayed as is, natively.

The specialized site FlatPanelsHD, which was able to test this functionality, reports for example that the series The Witcherwas thus broadcast in 24 frames per second, against 23.976 IPS very precisely for the documentary Arnold , released recently. The latter uses an old format that filmmakers should gradually abandon, but which remains widely used. More advantageous, the documentary seriesTour de France: At the heart of the pelotonis broadcast from 50 to 60 IPS depending on the case.

Support more than welcome… but there is a but

If you have a television equipped with Google OS, or a Chromecast 4K, you will therefore be able to take advantage of this novelty shortly… but beware, only on Netflix. As Android Police points out, Netflix is ​​the only platform supporting, at this point, the feature “match content frame rateof Android 12. It is therefore to be hoped that as a leader in the SVoD market, Netflix will push competing platforms (Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+, etc.) to also adopt this function .

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Another disappointment, the Nvidia Shield TVs are not compatible at this time… despite their use of Android TV. These are still based on Android 11 which does not offer the “match content frame rate“. Nvidia would nevertheless work to introduce this function on its Shields… but it would not have passed the beta stage yet.

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