OLED TVs cut out for gaming

The Panasonic brand has just officially presented its new ranges of televisions with OLED display technology. This year, the number of series is reduced with the MZ2000 at the head of the gondola, followed by the MZ1500 and MZ800 promising very beautiful images, improved audio and new functions for gaming. Here are all the details.

After Sony, LG, Philips and Samsung, Panasonic is therefore the last major manufacturer to present its 2023 ranges. For the occasion, the brand organized an event in Berlin, in the legendary cinema studios “ Berliner Union Film in order to make the link between the image quality desired by directors, colorists and the various protagonists of films or series and Panasonic televisions which are increasingly used as reference monitors.

Thus, the Japanese company was able to unveil its TV ranges embedding OLED and QLED (LED and Mini-LED) technologies. These are the MZ2000 series, which represents the top of the range (presented at CES 2023 at the start of the year), the MZ1500 series taking over from the previous LZ1500 as well as the MZ800 series. For LCD models, these are the MX700, MX800, MX940 and MX950 series.

What’s new for the Panasonic MZ1500 OLED TV series?

The new Panasonic MZ1500 series of televisions therefore wants to succeed the LZ1500 series offered since last year by the brand. Unlike previous years, the MZ1500 TVs do not have the same panel as the most high-end series which, it should be remembered, benefits from a White-OLED panel with a microlens panel (MLA) allowing to achieve a very high peak brightness, well over 1000 cd/m². The MZ1500 series therefore uses a less luminous panel, but it tries to compensate for this by offering a much more efficient audio part than on the previous series. 1500 ” of the brand.

So far, the models 1500 were identical to the 2000 “, but with the audio part of the latter less. This year, Panasonic has reinforced it and the MZ1500 televisions benefit from an integrated sound bar, in the lower part of the screen. It is not identical to that found on the MZ2000 series offering fewer speakers and slightly lower power.

In addition, we can count on the presence, on the back of the TVs, of two side modules which allow you to enjoy a much more spatialized sound than on the previous LZ1500 series, for example. We were able to listen to the rendering of the integrated system on the new Panasonic MZ1500 TVs, called Dynamic Theater Surround Pro, and it is clear that it is particularly enveloping.

For the image, the MZ1500 series therefore uses a White-OLED panel called Master OLED Pro, against a White-OLED panel with MLA called Master OLED Ultimate on the MZ2000 series. It is available in different sizes of 42, 48, 55 and 65 inches. Note that the 42 and 48 inch versions do not benefit from the Master OLED Pro panel, but classic OLED, a priori slightly less bright.

All models are compatible with HLG, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ formats using a light sensor to optimize image rendering and select the best possible mode.

In addition, we can count on the presence of a Filmmaker mode which respects the vision of the director and which can also use the sensor to improve the rendering of the image according to the color of the lighting in the room. The Panasonic HCX Pro AI processor, as on the MZ2000 series, is at work for image management and in particular the scaling of content.

A Gaming mode that gains functions

Along with the quality picture and improved sound system, the MZ1500 series also features optimizations for gamers. It now supports synchronization technology with Nvidia G-Sync graphics cards as well as a Game audio mode that can be personalized according to the sound environment you want.

In addition, you can also count on a True Game image mode, calibrated to obtain the best possible rendering. After color calibration performed via Portait Displays Calman Color software, the feature displays a Calibrated Game logo.

The game bar, with the integration of new functionalities, is still relevant, allowing information on the video signal and certain parameters to be displayed, which can be quickly modified. Also remember that the series is compatible, like the previous one, with FreeSync Premium, VRR technologies and promises an extremely low display delay time. There are two HDMI 2.1 inputs, one of which is eARC compatible, and two HDMI 2.0 sockets. The foot is always swivel with a central base.

The new Panasonic MZ1500 television series features the new version of the My Home Screen 8.0 system. This adds accessibility features for the visually and hearing impaired. The device configuration menus are automatically announced and graphic aspects have been designed to optimize the display, if necessary. My Home Screen 8.0 also improves MyScenery ambient mode as it is now playable with background music. The televisions are controllable by voice, via Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Panasonic MZ1500 TV series incorporates five options for receiving TV programs via its “ Penta Tuner and the Twin function including cable, satellite, indoor or outdoor antenna, TV to IP and IPTV reception.

The 65-inch Panasonic TX-65MZ1500E TV will be offered at a price of 3300 euros. Count 2500 euros for the 55-inch TX-55MZ15000E model and 2000 euros for the 48-inch TX-48MZ1500E.

The MZ800 series, the most “affordable” OLED from Panasonic

The new Panasonic MZ800 TV series is capable of displaying Ultra HD images using its 4K Color Engine Pro image processing and upscaling processor, based on an OLED panel. It can count on a Dynamic Theater Surround audio system with speakers on the sides and an onboard woofer.

Instead of the My Home Screen system, this series uses Google TV with the possibility of downloading applications and having suggested content. The series benefits from a Gaming mode with a low input lagbut not as pushed as on the MZ1500 and MZ2000 series.

The MZ800 series is available in four sizes: 42, 48, 55 and 65 inches for respective prices of 1700 euros for the TX-42MZ800E model, 1800 euros for the TX-48MZ800E, 2000 euros for the TX-55MZ800E and 2750 euros for TX-65MZ800E.

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