Oficjalnie: Polska weźmie udział w produkcji komputerów kwantowych

Officially: Poland will take part in the production of quantum computers

European Union countries are taking joint actions to develop quantum technologies. Poland does not want to be left behind. One of the quantum computers will be built in Poznań.

Quantum computers are still often talked about in the context of the distant future, even though the first such device was created in 1998. Some European Union countries have already concluded an agreement on quantum technologies some time ago. Poland will also join this group.

A quantum computer will be built in Poland

Europe wants to take up the fight in the technology segment, as evidenced by recent decisions. On the Old Continent 6 supercomputers will be created under the European Joint Undertaking for High Performance Computing. Poland will also take part in the production of quantum computers, and one of them will even be built in our country – in Poznań.

– We are convinced that Poland has great potential to implement the activities indicated in the Quantum Pact. Taking into account this and the strategic importance of quantum technologies for the development of science and economy, we believe that Poland should join the group of signatories of this document without further delay.

– said Dariusz Wieczorek, Minister of Science and Higher Education.

What's more, Scientists from Krakow will help create a quantum computer in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. The installation of a device of this class in our country will enable our scientists to use its power in research and development matters. However, it will not be limited only to scientific applications. The device will also be made available to industry and the public sector.

– We are committed to actively striving to achieve a high level in the field of quantum technologies, placing emphasis on development and innovation in this area. We aspire to join the leading players in the field of quantum technologies in Europe

– said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski.

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