NVIDIA Rubin to kolejna generacja. Premiera jest odległa

NVIDIA Rubin is the next generation. The premiere is a long way off

NVIDIA has no intention of slowing down. The Greens have set the first milestone in the development of the next generation of accelerators, the Rubin family.

It is no secret that NVIDIA is currently the market leader AI accelerators. Their systems are sold not by pieces, but by containers. This is the result about what AMD Whether Intel they can only dream. However, the Greens have no intention of letting the competition catch up and are already working on new arrangements.

NVIDIA R100 will start mass production in 2025

Recent information suggests that Americans have made significant progress with the next generation. Accelerators are to be named NVIDIA Rubywhich refers to Vera Rubin. We are talking about an astronomer who made a significant contribution to the understanding of dark matter and was a pioneer in the topic of galaxy rotation speed.

Layouts NVIDIA R100 are to use lithography TSMC N3 (3 nm) and memory HBM4and mass production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter 2025. This would mean that the presentation and sending of the first units to the largest partners will take place earlier, probably in mid-2025.

NVIDIA Rubin is the next generation.  The premiere is a long way off

Details on performance specifications remain under wraps at this stage. However, there is talk about modular construction in the production process EUV FinFETtechnology TSMC CoWoS-L and eight memory stacks.

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