NVIDIA idzie na podbój nowego rynku. Stworzy też procesory

NVIDIA is going to conquer a new market. It will also create processors

NVIDIA wants to conquer another market. This time, the Greens plan to create efficient ARM systems that will be used in laptops.

There have been rumors for many months about new ARM systems that NVIDIA would create. It seems that they are getting closer to implementation. According to the latest rumors, the Greens are to present new, very efficient units this year.

NVIDIA creates an ARM chip

In recent months, we have heard many times about NVIDIA's plans for new ARM systems. New, because these will not be the first units of this type in the company's offer. After all, the Greens created, among other things, the system for Nintendo Switch and they will probably also be responsible for the most important components for the second generation of the handheld. However, the plans do not end there. The new processors are also intended to be used in AI computers and perhaps also in smartphones.

Reports indicate that NVIDIA intends to use new ARM Cortex-A5 cores and its own graphics system based on the Blackwell architecture. The SoC will support LPDDR6 memory. The systems are to be manufactured using 3 nm lithography, but there is no agreement regarding the subcontractor. Some mention Intel, others mention TSMC N3P.

At the moment, we do not know anything about the performance or specifications of individual systems. However, considering the use of Cortex-X5 cores and a graphics processor with its own Blackwell architecture, we should expect solid competition for Qualcomm Snapdragon X and Apple M4 units. The new ARM systems are intended to be used primarily in laptops and take full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot artificial intelligence.

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