NVIDIA znowu spiskuje, ale tym razem nie ma się czego bać

NVIDIA is conspiring again, but this time there is nothing to be afraid of

NVIDIA is in talks with partners behind closed doors. We are talking about a new program for GeForce RTX systems, which should be announced soon.

NVIDIA has long been the undisputed leader on the market of graphics systems and AI accelerators. He uses their cards as many as 78% of players. Companies working with artificial intelligence order Green equipment not by piece, but by container. Therefore, no one should be surprised that games and programs are optimized mainly for them.

NVIDIA wants to popularize SFF computers

The American company decided to go a step further and… quietly began cooperation with producers proprietary graphics cards, computer cases and other components. This time, however, there is nothing to be afraid of, because this is not the second GeForce Partner Program, in fact right idea.

NVIDIA wants to popularize the SFF (Small Form Factor) format, i.e. small computer sets. It is true that there are already a lot of this type of parts in stores, but it is still a niche. It also requires greater knowledge in terms of assembling components. Both in terms of size, temperatures and power consumption.

NVIDIA is conspiring again, but this time there is nothing to be afraid of

Americans and their partners want it develop standards, among others for the sizes of graphics cards or clearances in housings, which will increase the flexibility of part selection and eliminate the need to measure everything down to the millimeter or the risk of overheating. The general outline of the idea is as follows:

Consumers around the world choose Small Form Factor cases to create their dream platforms. However, when building on modern enthusiast GPUs, finding the best components for an SFF build can be a challenge. NVIDIA has developed case guidelines to help gamers choose the best GeForce RTX graphics card and components for their rig.

Does this mean more mITX, single-slot or low-profile graphics cards? Yes and no. NVIDIA itself won't start offering small Founders Edition models, but it will encourage companies like ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and others to do so. However, they will have the last word on this matter.

There is currently no exact date when the program will launch, but it should be officially announced soon. Meaning that We will know more details soon.

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