NVIDIA ma chytry plan. Ceny w górę, zyski w górę

NVIDIA has a cunning plan. Prices up, profits up

The latest analyzes indicate that NVIDIA will boast record revenues next year. The new systems are expected to be much more expensive.

The current market leader in equipment used for tasks related to artificial intelligence is NVIDIA, which left AMD and Intel far behind. This is confirmed by both sales results, personal thanks from companies such as OpenAI or sanctions imposed by the US on chip exports to China.

NVIDIA GB200 is expected to cost over a quarter of a million zlotys

However, the Greens are not slowing down and have recently presented another, even more efficient generation – NVIDIA Blackwell. However, the latest HSBC analyzes indicate that this may be the case much more expensive than before.

According to industry predictions, “basic” The NVIDIA B100 system is expected to cost $30,000 – $35,000, i.e. approximately PLN 118,000 – 138,000. Although at first glance this is a lot, in fact these amounts are similar to the equivalent from the current generation, i.e. NVIDIA H100.

A lot However, it gets more expensive with the NVIDIA GB200 super system, which is a combination of one Grace CPU + two B200 GPUs. Here HSBC points to prices $60,000 to $70,000, i.e. approximately PLN 237,000 – 276,000. Of course, everything will depend on availability and order volume.

What's more, it's quite likely that NVIDIA will prefer to sell ready-made servers rather than individual AI accelerators. And here we are talking about huge sums. For example, NVIDIA B200 NVL72 (18 Grace CPU and 36 B200 GPU) is expected to cost about $3 million, i.e. almost PLN 12 million.

Selling entire systems instead of stand-alone systems will enable NVIDIA to take over part of the commission previously earned by companies offering such servers, which will increase its revenues and profitability. AND Looking at the slow pace of development of AMD and Intel, the Greens can afford high prices.

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