NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 poprawia jakość obrazu i wydajność

NVIDIA DLSS 3.7 improves image quality and performance

NVIDIA has released DLL files to support the DLSS 3.7 image scaling technique. The new version does not introduce significant changes, but tests show that it improves image quality and gameplay smoothness.

NVIDIA has released new DLL files for the NVIDIA DLSS image scaling technique, marked 3.7. The most important change is the unlocking of one of the presets, codenamed “Eager Donkey”. Some people have already started testing it and noticed significant improvements in image quality and, in some situations, higher frame rates.


Anyone who has used NVIDIA DLSS knows that it has different settings. In games, we can usually choose the highest quality, best fluidity or balanced mode. Additionally, there are presets that can be selected by the creators of a given game. Unlike performance profiles selected by gamers, these presets determine how DLSS balances image stability with motion.

Well, DLSS 3.7 introduces a new preset called “Eager Donkey”. First tests show that it allows for better image quality in some games. For example, there are fewer artifacts in Horizn: Forbidden West. In turn, in Cyberpunk 2077 the image seems sharper. You can see the comparison in the video below:

In addition, DLSS 3.7 also introduces support for alpha upscaling, but it is not known what exactly this means. This solution must be implemented by the developers of a given game, so there is currently no way to check it. This may change in the future and we'll find out exactly what it does.

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