Now really isn’t the time to buy an Amazon Echo speaker

It seems that Amazon is preparing to introduce new speakers in its Echo range. Suffice to say that now is not the time to buy a new one.

In a few days, it’s September. It’s time for the start of the school year, events ” back to school», of the IFA, but also of the major tech announcements of the semester. We left for two intense months where the big names in the sector will parade to unveil new products in turn.

Among the most anticipated, we can obviously mention Apple (iPhone, AirPods, MacBook…), or Google (Pixel), but we can also think of Amazon, whose date of the conference has just leaked.

Right after the iPhone

According to Mark Gurman, a well-known journalist fromBloombergAmazon could hold an event on September 20 dedicated to its “new products“. If the date is confirmed, it would turn out to be less late than last year (September 28, 2022), and therefore closer to Apple’s keynote dedicated to the iPhone 15, also just dated.

In what will be the first of two (yes) tech event announcements today, Amazon says its new devices event will be held on September 20th, 8 days after the iPhone 15 event.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) August 29, 2023

Amazon knows that the end of September is regularly occupied in the media by Apple, but the brand of Jeff Bezos allows itself this year to position itself frontally, at the risk of losing visibility.

new speakers

This event should lift the veil on the second round of Amazon connected speakers of the year. In the first half of the year, the online sales giant notably announced the Echo Show 5 (2023) and the Echo Pop.

During this conference, we are rather expecting a refresh of its more traditional ranges, such as the Echo Dot or the Echo Studio. We can also expect some new features on the Fire TV side, whether in an HDMI key (Fire TV Stick) or in a multimedia box (Fire TV Cube).

Amazon obviously has a large catalog of products, ranging from the plug connected to wireless headphones, through security cameras or Wi-Fi routers.

Wait before buying

Either way, that means now is absolutely not the right time to buy one of these devices. In three weeks it is highly likely that the current speakers will be replaced by better versions at a similar price and that the models available today will drop in price (while supplies last).

Of course, if you were looking at the Echo Show 5 or the Echo Pop, those products are unlikely to be replaced that quickly… so you can go for it.

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