Nothing OS 2.5 arrives in beta

While Android 14 was released a few days ago, it is the turn of smartphone manufacturers to adapt their interfaces to this new version of the operating system. Nothing is one of them and has opened the first beta of Nothing OS 2.5

On October 4, Google organized its Made by Google conference: the opportunity to publish the first official version of Android 14. From now on, it’s a sort of race that is underway between smartphone manufacturers to update their devices by adapting their overlays to Android 14. This is the case of Nothing, which is publishing the first beta of Nothing OS 2.5 this October 11.

Nothing OS 2.5: a first beta, but not on all models

In its press release, Nothing describes Nothing OS 2.5 as “ Nothing’s most significant update since OS 2.0 launched in July. » It was in fact during the release of the Nothing Phone (2) last July that the brand published Nothing OS 2.0, a new version of its interface, bringing more features.

Work carried out internally since this second version and which continues with this update. For the moment, beta 1 of Nothing OS 2.5 is limited to the Phone (2): the Nothing Phone (1) will not yet benefit from it. Moreover, this smartphone received an update to Nothing OS 2.0 just two months ago. For the moment, Nothing has not indicated an official release date for Nothing OS 2.5, neither on the Phone (2), nor on the Phone (1).

What Nothing wants to bring in addition to Android 14

In addition to the new features brought by Android 14, Nothing OS 2.5 intends to bring other features and review the design of the operating system. Nothing indicates that the interface of the widget library has been revised: it aims to highlight the brand’s in-house widgets. Enough to promote a new photo widget, allowing you to display your favorite photos on the home screen as well as on the lock screen. Moreover, we learn that the home and lock screen customization page has been revised to display more options. Speaking of those screens, Nothing has added solid color wallpapers.

Those who are envious of the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro will be delighted: two presses of the power button on a Nothing Phone (2) provide access to a chosen function.

The screenshot function has also been revised, with a new menu, to make deletions quickly and go further in editing. To better navigate your applications, you can remove those placed on the home screen in the application drawer, so that they no longer appear. A slide of your finger to the right in the latter allows you to find them anyway.

Nothing OS 2.5 also brings purely cosmetic changes. This is the case for the return gesture icon (an arrow that starts from one of the edges of the screen), which corresponds to “ better in the style of Nothing. »

Nothing is not the only one to release betas of interfaces based on Android 14

The London brand arrives just a few days after the publication of Android 14 in stable version (and its arrival on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro), but is not the only one. Three manufacturers have already done it and will not be the only ones to draw. The first is of course Samsung, always ahead: for almost three months, the One UI 6.0 beta has been available on certain models. The Korean manufacturer is expected to deploy Android 14 in a stable version on certain models in the coming days.

The second is Xiaomi: a first beta of MIUI 14 based on Android 14 has been deployed. If the Chinese manufacturer describes it as “ stable », it is more of an intermediate version between a beta version and a stable version. The other is Oppo, which published the first beta of ColorOS 14. This October 12, a few models receive the update, and the deployment of this version will be progressive and is planned until December.

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