Nothing szykuje nowe słuchawki? Tajemnicza zapowiedź producenta

Nothing is preparing new headphones? A mysterious announcement from the producer

Nothing is preparing a new, mysterious product. It's probably about new headphones.

Thanks to a series of successful smartphones, the company Nothing seems to be gaining more and more recognition. The mid-range product turned out to be particularly interesting Nothing Phone (2a), which we recently had the opportunity to test on the website. However, it seems that although the dust after the last premiere has not yet settled, the manufacturer is already preparing another product for us.

Nothing announces a mysterious product

The official profile of the Nothing brand on X published teaser, where they announce the upcoming novelty. Unfortunately, it is not written what product it is, because that would be too easy, right? Instead, we got a photo of a beetle and a frog standing opposite each other. Taking into account that the mentioned insect has already appeared in promotional materials about the manufacturer's headphones, e.g. Nothing Ear 2, it can be quite safe to assume that also this time it's about new audio equipment.

Unfortunately, at the moment we have so little information that it is difficult to make any more detailed speculations about the new product.

There will be two new smartphones

It is worth mentioning, however, that this will almost certainly not be the last novelty in Nothing's offer this year. In parallel with the teaser in question, information about two new smartphones, which the manufacturer is to present in the coming months. One of them operates under a code name “PacmanPro” and will likely be a new version of the Nothing Phone (2a) (known internally as “Pacman”).

About the second device, “Tetris”, we know much less. However, it is quite safe to assume that we are probably talking about Nothing Phone (3), the manufacturer's new flagship. Unfortunately, we will have to wait several more weeks, if not months, to solve this mystery.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in Nothing products, which can be purchased now, we strongly encourage you to take a look at Nothing Phone (2a), which received a solid 9/10 from us and can be purchased for PLN 1,449 in the x-kom store.

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