Noise reduction, black color, equalizer… Nothing pampers its wireless headphones

Nothing has announced several new features for its wireless headphones with the arrival of active noise reduction on the ears (Stick) or a new black color for the ears (2).

While Nothing will soon present its next smartphone, the Nothing Phone (2), the British manufacturer has not neglected its first love. This Thursday, the firm unveiled numerous updates for its audio products, both the Nothing ear (2) in-ear headphones and the open Nothing ear (Stick) models.

During an announcement made on its YouTube channel on Thursday, Nothing announced a new equalizer compatible with the brand’s two most recent pairs of headphones – the Nothing ear (1) are thus abandoned. This “advanced equalizerwill allow users to further personalize their sound experience by further tweaking their sound signature using an eight-band EQ. Until now, Nothing was content with a wheel with three axes: bass, mid and treble, on which the user could slightly adjust each frequency range. With eight bands, Nothing is thus updated to allow more precise refining of the frequency response of its headphones. In addition, the equalization settings can be easily shared using a QR code.

Noise reduction on semi-open headphones

In addition to this more advanced equalization, Nothing has specifically updated its Nothing ear (Stick) to allow them to integrate an active noise reduction function. Until now offered only on the manufacturer’s in-ear models, this function will make it possible to slightly reduce external sounds. Remember, however, that the semi-open format of the headphones does not particularly lend itself to very advanced noise reduction, in the absence of passive insulation on which to rely. We had to have a rather anecdotal active noise reduction, like those offered on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live or the Huawei FreeBuds 5.

The Nothing ear (2) in black version

Finally, Nothing has also announced a new color for its ear headphones (2), now also available in a black version in addition to the white shade. Of course, this version retains its seamless approach to both the case and the earpiece stems. Remember that the Nothing ear (1) had already been entitled to the same treatment.

The black version of the Nothing ear (2) will initially be available on the manufacturer’s website, at a price of 149 euros, from this Thursday in a limited version. They will then be offered more widely from July 21.

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