Noctua ma złe wieści. Tego sprzętu już nie zobaczymy

Noctua has bad news. We won’t see this equipment again

People who planned to use Noctua fans in their new computer set may feel disappointed. The Austrians announced they would abandon their work.

Noctua is a leading European manufacturer of computer components that needs no introduction. The Austrians have been leaders in CPU cooling systems and fans since 2005. All thanks to high efficiency and exemplary work culture.

Noctua is focusing on new 140 mm fans

Their equipment is known for specific, beige-brown colors. However, after persuasion from fans, Noctua also started releasing black color variants and promised to release white ones in the future.

Unfortunately, recent entries on the social networking site X (formerly Twitter) make it clear that Noctua abandoned work on white fans (and coolers). The company decided to focus all the processing capacity of its engineers on new generation 140-mm fans.

Noctua has bad news.  We won't see this equipment again

There are currently no plans to resume work on white products. In the case of new 140-mm fans, Noctua wants them to hit the market before the end of the third quarter of 2024. However, this may be difficult to do.

And where do Austrians have problems with white “propellers”? Top fans do not use traditional plastics, but liquid crystal polymers (LCP). They offer better parameters, and thus better efficiency and smooth operation at higher RPM. However, Noctua reportedly had problems with achieving the same specifications as already available models, while maintaining a uniform and repeatable white.

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