Nikt nie chce sprzętu AMD. Królem nadal Intel i NVIDIA

Nobody wants AMD hardware. Intel and NVIDIA are still the king

What processors and graphics cards are the most popular? We already know the answer and it doesn’t look good for AMD. Most consumers prefer competitors’ solutions.

There are plenty of manufacturers on the computer hardware market. However, three of them are more important than the rest – AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. These companies are responsible for the design and production of new processors and graphics cards that power almost all laptops and desktop computers.

As many as 65% of gamers choose an Intel CPU, and 74% choose an NVIDIA GPU

But who is the most popular? As usual, the platform is able to answer this question Steam. It doesn’t perfectly illustrate the market, but it does data from millions of users around the world. So let’s look at what the situation was like in January 2024.

Intel remains the most popular processor manufacturer, having as much as 64.7% of market shares. AMD has to be satisfied with 35.3%, which is of course not a bad result. Most people (31.6%) use 6-core processors. In second place were 4-core units (22.5%), and in third place were 8-core units (20.9%).

Nobody wants AMD hardware.  Intel and NVIDIA are still the king

When it comes to graphics cards, NVIDIA is still the king, which is chosen by as many as 74.3% of players. 16.5% of people choose AMD and 8.4% choose Intel. The most popular graphics card is a model from the low-mid segment of the previous generation, i.e NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. As many as 4.8% of Steam users have it.

Nobody wants AMD hardware.  Intel and NVIDIA are still the king

The rest of the data is not surprising. The most popular operating system is Windows 10located in more than half of the PC (51.4%). In the case of RAM, 16 GB still dominates (49.6%), and the most popular resolution present in 59.7% of machines is Full HD (1920 x 1080 px).

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