No, YouTube does not downgrade 1080p to upgrade you to Premium.

A few months ago, YouTube launched a feature available to its Premium subscribers on iOS: the possibility of having a prettier 1080p. However, that does not mean that this video quality is only reserved for YouTube Premium subscribers.

Last February, we learned that YouTube was testing a higher quality 1080p for its Premium subscribers. Two months later, the platform deployed this feature on iOS, still reserved for those who pay YouTube Premium. Nevertheless, as reported 9to5Googlethis led to confusion, with some believing that 1080p was now reserved for those who paid for the service.

What is 1080p Premium used for?

On a Google help page, we learn that the YouTube Premium subscription allows you to “watch videos in 1080p Premium on Apple phones and tablets.“If for the moment, an iPhone or an iPad is necessary, YouTube specifies that”this feature may be available on other devices later“, without further details.

This video quality is in fact added to the classic 1080p, but with a better bit rate. It offers “more information per pixel, resulting in a higher quality viewing experience.An option that works for classic videos, but also YouTube lives and Shorts.

No, YouTube does not downgrade 1080p to get you to checkout.

A widely held belief is that the quality of 1080p on YouTube is unsatisfactory. Which would be the fault of insufficient throughput and too strong compression algorithms. A rather logical thing: YouTube has only been profitable for a few years, the fault of very high operating costs. Broadcasting video on the Internet is what consumes the most resources (material and financial): each optimization of YouTube can allow it to save a lot.

But rest assured: 1080p isn’t going away, YouTube has confirmed that. This video quality remains and will remain free. Simply, subscribers to YouTube Premium can take advantage of higher bitrates for better image quality. Moreover, it is necessary for the moment to have an Apple device to benefit from it.

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