No, this is not a motorcycle but an electric bike with a very vintage design

A small manufacturer nestled in Haute-Savoie, Heritage Bike has included the impressive Valeo engine in its neo-retro electric bike jewel, the Origin.

Some electric bikes like to pass themselves off as small motorcycles. These are those that we find under the name Super73, Elwin or the Gorilla, but certain models push the connection to its paroxysm. Heritage, a French manufacturer, specializes in these types of e-bikes, especially with its Origine, which is now a pair with Valeo.

A bike as retro as it is French

The Heritage Origine x Valeo is completely atypical with its short frame with small curved tubes. It also features a carbon fairing on the central engine and fiberglass on the top to hide the battery.

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The block, which until then was a Shimano EP6100, is replaced by the muscular Valeo Cyclee seen on the Larruns that we were able to try this summer. With 130 Nm of torque and an integrated 7-speed automatic transmission – but a particular noise – the electric bike will have no trouble going quickly at 25 km/h. Under the bubble of the upper tube, a 625 Wh battery sparkles, sufficient to provide 100 km of maximum autonomy.

Heritage Cycle is optimistic, because the Origin is heavy – 34 kg, the frame being steel – and has very wide wheels. With a diameter of 26 inches, they wear 4-inch wide VeeTire tires which will degrade efficiency, but guarantee superb comfort. Indeed, the French VAE bounces on a front fork that is disproportionately thick, but with only 40 mm of travel.

Heritage Origin Valeo design

The other vintage touches run along the electric bike. The Héritage Origine is adorned with a large front headlight, Savoyard leather parts, a Berthoud saddle and tubular fairing-colored metal mudguards. If the machine is indeed tricolor, because it is manufactured in the brand’s workshops in Annecy, the green color takes its inspiration from the 4×4 Land Rover Defender.

A bit of modernity, and asking for a lot of money

The electric bike does not forget modernity via its application, integrating among other things the GPS position in the event of theft, setting the alarm in the event of an attempt or the state of the battery.

Bike Made in France in an artisanal and resolutely high-end manner, the Heritage Origine x Valeo is high in prices. The price is 8,990 euros, with a deposit of 1,798 euros. Delivery is possible in four weeks, but free everywhere in France.

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