No, the repair bonus for your devices is not doubled… not yet

Contrary to what had been announced, the amounts of the repair bonuses for your electronic devices are not doubled from July 1st. This increase seems to have been postponed, because “no decision has been ratified”.

The repair bonus was introduced at the end of 2022 to encourage consumers to have their electronic products repaired rather than buying a new one. The principle is simple: by going to a professional certified by the official label QualiRepair you immediately benefit from a discount of 10 to 45 euros on the repair of your device. The amount depends on the product (smartphone, laptop, speaker, robot vacuum cleaner, etc.). The repairer is reimbursed for the difference by the competent bodies.

Noting a lack of real enthusiasm for this device, the government announced that it wanted to double the amounts of the repair bonus to make it more attractive (and therefore more used). This bonus increase was supposed to apply from July 1, 2023 and, by doing an online search, you will see that several media relay this information.

In reality, the doubling of repair bonuses has been postponed (or cancelled?). This is what can be read on the official site of the QualiRépar lable (the message only seems to be displayed on the computer version of the site).

We can indeed see a service message. ” Important information: no change in repair bonuses on July 1st. Despite the information disseminated in the media, in particular on the doubling of the repair bonuses, no decision has been ratified. Repair bonus amounts remain unchanged until further notice “.

What are the repair bonus amounts?

Thus, the financial boost you receive through the repair bonus will not be changed for the time being. Here is a non-exhaustive table of the amounts you can expect depending on the electronic device you are retyping.

Repaired product Amount of the repair bonus (including tax)
smartphone 25 euros
Laptop PC (triggering threshold: 180 euros) 45 euros
Tablet 25 euros
TV 30 euros
Video projector 30 euros
Game console 20 euros
Electric bike, electric scooter, hoverboard… 15 euros
Pregnant 20 euros
Digital camera 20 euros
Robot vacuum 15 euros
Home cinema 15 euros
Drone 15 euros
Hi-fi system 15 euros

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