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Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its voice assistant: the ability to summarize articles. A simple voice command would then be enough to trigger an artificial intelligence responsible for shortening press articles and telling you about them.

If you don’t have time to check the press, Google Assistant could soon help you. A new feature has been spotted by the teams of 9to5Google : it allows you to summarize articles and even read them aloud.

Google Assistant soon presenter of JT

Said feature was spotted in the latest beta version of Google’s voice assistant. It incorporates the application’s first generative artificial intelligence, although it is blocked for the moment. Today, Google Assistant can read the content of web pages aloud in more than 40 languages, the application could go further.

Users could soon ask Google: “Ok Google, sums it up», which would make it possible to summarize a page. A button “To summarizewould be developing. It would appear when activating Google Assistant while browsing the Internet, next to the “Read” notably. Some limitations would nevertheless be there: it would only work for pages opened in Google Chrome or for tabs managed by Chrome (via Google applications for example). It would not be the first application from Google capable of summarizing text: this is the case of Google Docs and Gmail, although it is still in beta.

The limitations of a voice assistant that summarizes articles

The question that will arise is obviously that of the reliability of artificial intelligence. Because it is generative, it writes text from context, but could be wrong. This would also encourage people not to read the entire press, the content of which is most often nuanced: the AI ​​could precisely remove layers of nuance. In short, the feature could push the same biases as reading only the titles of an article.

This feature could also be a first step in the merger of Google Bard, the equivalent of ChatGPT, with Google Assistant. Until now, the latter does not have a generative AI function.

Google Assistant

The English-language media says it thinks this feature would be exclusive to Google Pixels at first. Which wouldn’t be surprising: the brand’s smartphones have long had exclusive features, which sometimes come to all Android smartphones thereafter.

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