No need to attend meetings anymore, Google does it for you with Duet AI

Google officially launches Duet AI, the global integration of its artificial intelligence models into Google Workspace and therefore its office tools.

After an announcement during Google I/O 2023 last May and a private beta period, the firm is making its Duet AI engine available in its Google Workspace suite of tools. All Google tools will thus exploit the latest innovations in terms of generative AI and overall productivity with this “real-time collaborator”.

Duet AI (almost) does your job for you

Google’s office tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides will thus be boosted with AI, allowing you to generate content according to sometimes very simple requests. The famous “Help me write” from Google Docs will use the firm’s PaLM 2 language model to write for you and offer you a working basis. Same on Google Sheets which will take care of organizing your tables with your raw data.

Duet AI will also integrate into Google Slides to help you create presentations based on raw data. The firm takes here the example of a quarterly report that the engine will build by fetching the figures and documents present on your Google Drive and Gmail. Enough to chew through a large part of the work before finalizing this type of presentation. However, we are waiting to see how effective this data curation can be, especially when the user is not the most serious about the nomenclature of his files.

Google attends meetings on your behalf

Google took advantage of this official launch to unveil the integration of its AI into Google Meet. Duet IA will be able to facilitate note-taking during meetings and send a summary to everyone present. And if you are late or even absent, you can even ask Google to attend for you and then send you a summary of everything that was said.

And if your company uses Google Chat, the tool can be transformed into a conversational bot connected to the internet, to have a summary of the discussions in progress or ask any question directly in the living room. Google’s chat tool is also taking the opportunity to redesign its interface with, we imagine, its competitors like Microsoft Teams and Slack in the line of sight.

A free trial offer

We will now have to verify all these promises, because they are numerous and some are very ambitious. When we see how Google Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, is far from having met expectations when it was released, we therefore remain cautious about the firm’s announcements for professionals.

And that’s good, it is possible to try Duet AI for free for all organizations by filling out a form. The subscription will then amount to 30 dollars per user for companies, the same rate adopted by Microsoft for its IA offer called Copilot.

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