No More Thinking About Ink Management With These Discounted HP Printers

HP is no longer content to offer affordable printers. The brand is innovating with its Instant Ink service, a monthly subscription that allows you to have ink cartridges automatically delivered and to efficiently manage the number of printed pages.

Finding yourself with an empty printer when you have important documents to print or spending long minutes checking the compatibility of this or that cartridge with your printer are all small hassles that HP wants to forget thanks to its Instant Ink service. .

As long as an HP connected printer is compatible, the manufacturer guarantees its subscribers the delivery of ink cartridges directly to their mailbox, before the printer is dry. Especially since the brand offers six months of Instant Ink subscription when buying a new printer. A good way to test the service and no longer tear your hair out to find cartridges compatible with your machine.

Find the right printer

Before you can take advantage of HP Instant Ink, you still need to find the right printer. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to find the right device. Resellers like Carrefour offer many printers at a price of less than 150 or even 100 euros.

We thus find:

Far from being of poor quality, these inkjet printers offer good value for money. They are able to print both in black and white and in color, scan your documents both on a computer and on a USB key and of course make photocopies. Better, they are all compatible with the Instant Ink service.

A subscription that adapts to all uses

With Instant Ink, HP takes the worry out of us whether the printer still has ink. Thus, the printer connected to this service indicates to the manufacturer when the ink level is low or that the toner needs to be changed. HP then sends a new set of cartridges, delivered directly to their homes, before the subscriber runs out of ink.

A solution that not only allows you to no longer worry about the proper functioning of a printer, but also to avoid a clutter of unused cartridges. Indeed, HP does not send new cartridges every month, but only when the printer indicates a low level of liquid.

The subscription is available in several packages based on one piece of data: the number of pages printed per month. Thus, via the connected printer, HP counts the number of sheets that come out monthly. The user is therefore always assured of having the right quantity of ink according to his uses while paying the right price. The service is available in five versions:

  • 10 monthly pages for €0.99/month;
  • 50 monthly pages for €3.99/month;
  • 100 monthly pages for €5.99/month;
  • 300 monthly pages for €11.99/month;
  • 700 monthly pages for €24.99/month.

One of the strengths of Instant Ink is that formulas can be changed at any time depending on printing needs. Better, it is possible to carry over unused pages from one month to another. For example, if only 200 pages are used on the 300 page subscription, it is possible to transfer the remaining 100 pages to the following months, at no additional cost. The quantity of transferable pages corresponds to 3 times the amount of pages authorized per month (example: 2,100 pages maximum for the 700 pages/month package).

Finally, if the need to print 2 -3 additional pages to the monthly quota occasionally arises, there is no need to change to a more expensive formula. HP charges each batch of 10 additional pages for 1 euro.

Simplified print management

HP Instant Ink subscriptions are non-binding, whether for the first subscription or when changing plans. The subscriber therefore benefits from great freedom of action as regards the management of his subscription. That said, in case of interruption of a subscription, it is necessary to return the cartridges in use.

Finally, HP provides an application called HP Smart App. Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, this app allows you to manage your impressions from your phone. Thanks to it, you can keep an eye on the ink level of the printer in real time, but also scan documents via the camera before printing them with one click.

With its service and application, HP makes the user experience more pleasant and shows that the little hassles caused by a printer are just a distant memory.

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