Koniec ze współdzieleniem kont. Popularny serwis idzie w ślady Netflixa

No more sharing accounts. The popular service follows in the footsteps of Netflix

The Max streaming service, formerly known as HBO Max, follows in the footsteps of Netflix and Disney+. Account sharing will be prohibited.

Max is, next to Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, one of the most popular streaming services in Poland. According to the latest data from JustWatch, it ranks second in our country in terms of generated traffic. JHowever, many users may not like the fact that the website intends to prohibit account sharing.

Max prohibits account sharing

Netflix was the first to declare war on account sharing. The outrage of many people was great. There were a lot of comments in the comments and on social media about abandoning Netflix. However, in practice, declaring this war turned out to be a bull’s-eye. The website has seen an increase in the number of users, so it’s no wonder that its rivals are moving in the same direction.

Disney has already announced its fight against account sharing, and now Warner is joining the group. Bros. Discovery with its Max service (formerly HBO Max). JB Perrette, who is responsible for streaming in the company, announced that account sharing will soon be prohibited among them as well.

And we’ll be doing limiting password sharing – which, of course, Netflix has implemented with great success – from the end of this year through 2025, which is another growth opportunity for us. I’m aware that we can’t exaggerate because you see Netflix’s success, but Netflix was on the market for 17 years. This means that people have been sharing passwords for 17 years.

– said JB Perette.

JB Perette realizes that they have only been on the streaming market for a few years and are not on the same scale of operations as Netflix. Despite this, he believes that this is an opportunity for them to continue to grow.

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